Schedule and Venues

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MGMC 2018 Schedule and Panels


Paper Sessions will be held at Evanston Campus TGS Commons

2122 Sheridan Road Evanston, IL 60201, (1st floor) – Map it


Enter through the door marked “2122 Sheridan” on the south side of the building (Garrett driveway-facing). Please do not enter building from Sheridan Road or through the door with the “600 Haven Street” address.


There is are visitor parking lots next to TGS Commons and across Haven Street. Some side streets are also available for parking for a limited amount of time. Information about visitor parking permits can be found HERE. See parking map HERE. 

Concert and Keynote will be held at Ryan Center for the Musical Arts

70 Arts Cir Dr, Evanston, IL 60208


The lakeside, glass-walled building on the southeast corner of campus.


Parking is free in the lot right outside RCMA after 4pm. You can enter the parking lot from Campus Drive.

Thursday, April 26th

4:30-6:30pm               Research Presentation by Professor Alisha Jones

Sponsored by the Northwestern Musicology Colloquium

RCMA 1-160

Friday, April 27th

12:00-12:20pm           Registration and Lunch (Sandwiches, drinks, and snacks will be provided from Panera)

TGS Commons

12:20-12:30pm           Opening Remarks

12:30-1:30pm             Workshop with Professor Alisha Jones

[Reading: Jennifer Stoever, Introduction to The Sonic Color Line]

2:00-3:00pm               Session 1: Power and Identity       

Melissa Kyzer, “On the Sunny Side of the Street: Race Relations and Early Jazz in Southern California”

Andrea Copland, “Anderson and Adorno’s Forgotten Posthorn: Power, Intragroup Violence, and the Politics of the Sublime in Mahler’s Third Symphony”

3:15-4:45pm               Session 2: Enculturated Traditions

Adam Schroeder, “The Division Among Shape-Note Singing: Race Relations within Sacred Harp Music”

Jenna Harmon, “Vaudeville and théâtre clandestine of the mid-18th century”

Simone Salmon, “This is What Migration Sounds Like: Songs of Ottoman Jewish Cultural Relationships 1929-1989”

Dinner Break (not provided)

6:30-7:30pm               Composer’s New Music Concert

RCMA, Galvin Recital Hall

8:30pm                        Post-Concert Drinks at The Teal Room at Pub 626 (Rodgers Park)

Saturday, April 28th

8:30am                        Light Breakfast and Coffee Service

TGS Commons

9:00-10:00am              Session 3: Listening/Leaning

Aubrey Leaman, “Intersubjectivity in Narrative Mappings of Romeo and Juliet onto a Ligeti Piano Piece”

Taylor Ackley, “Relocating the Work: An Examination of the Work Concept and its Application to Traditional American Music”

10:15-11:45am            Session 4: Inter-educational

Amanda McClintock, “Musical Development for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder”

Rhiannon Fanning, “Riot in the Classroom: Towards the Creation of an Empowering System of Music Education”

Elizabeth Krimmel Robbins, “Effects of Race and Gender on Preservice Music Teachers’ Attitudes toward Composer Diversity”

11:45-1:30pm             Lunch Break (not provided)

1:30-3:00pm               Session 5: Gender Norms Reformed

Emily Masincup, “Gendered Spaces in the Music of the Lord of the Rings Films”

Samantha Lampe, “Performing Madness: Reconsidering the Purpose of the Tarantella Among Women in Sixteenth-Century Southern Italy”

Karen Albert, “‘Je suis jeune et jolie’: Examining Representations of Women in Colonial French-Canadian Folksongs”

3:15-4:45pm               Session 6: Somatic Subjectivities

Barbara Dietlinger, “Shifting Identities / Narrating History: The Composers’ Influence During the Wars of Religion”

Stephen M. Kovaciny, “Chabanon and the Listening Body in Early Modern France”

Brad Spiers, “Artful Anatomy: Music, Mechanics, and the Spectacle of Artificial Life”

5:15-6:45pm               Keynote by Professor Olivia Bloechl

7:00pm                        Reception and Dinner